Banana Beach Koh Hey (Coral Island) – One of The Best Choice of Phuket Beach

A place where the water is clear, sand is white and forests green. Unforgettable natural sights! Only 15 minutes away from Phuket by boat. A white crescent of sand sitting between a beautiful forest and crystal-clear, blue, swimmable water. One of a Best choice of Activity in Phuket.

Discover the Unspoiled Beauty of Banana Beach – An Idyllic Phuket Beach Getaway. Immerse Yourself in Nature’s Wonders and Exciting Activities in Phuket. Banana Beach has long been a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, showcasing breathtaking scenery even before humans stepped foot on its pristine shores. Begin your remarkable daytime Phuket adventure with a visit to the Kan Eang @pier Restaurant, where you can indulge in exquisite culinary delights.

Afterward, proceed to the KEP Cafe, the designated check-in spot for customers just before departure. As you set sail, you’ll appreciate the minimal boat noise around the beach and observe most boats anchored offshore, away from the sand. Marvel at the curious fish swimming in the crystal-clear blue waters and take in the sight of trees embracing our buildings as Great Hornbill birds (the inspiration behind our restaurant design) swoop down from the hillside to explore. At Banana Beach, preserving the beach’s distinctive character remains our utmost concern.

At Banana Phuket Beach, our mission is not only to preserve its unique charm but also to enrich it, all while upholding the utmost respect for the region’s natural beauty and environment. Our eco-friendly structures are thoughtfully designed, making use of abundant tropical materials such as bamboo, and showcasing architectural elements that reflect and celebrate Koh Hey’s diverse wildlife. As you explore this captivating destination, you will find yourself fully immersed in nature’s magnificence without causing any harm or disruption.

Delight in the serene surroundings, form a deep connection with the local flora and fauna, and take part in engaging activities that leave a minimal impact on the environment. With every visit, you’ll create cherished memories of your Phuket sightseeing adventure and leave with a newfound appreciation for the wonders of this pristine Phuket beach paradise.

Discover a paradise merely minutes from the bustling Phuket Beach – your idyllic island getaway awaits.

Here you are, one step closer to something beautiful. You’ll be standing there soon, white sand between your toes, gentle blue sea swishing beside you, and green jungle rising in the other direction. Then within that sea, inside that forest, are more treasures. It’s time to discover. It’s only a quick boat ride away.

Banana Beach is the best corner of Koh Hey (Coral Island) and one of the most beautiful attractions in Phuket. You won’t believe that it’s so close and holds so many fantastic Phuket activities. In fact, the speedboat ride from Chalong Pier is already an adventure.

Banana Beach Club
Our Trip Program

Our Trip Program provides a day trip to the pristine Banana Beach on Koh Hey island. This is a highlight for visitors who come to Phuket. Guests are whisked away on private speedboats for a quick yet comfortable ride across the sea. Upon arrival visitors can enjoy the Beach from the morning through late afternoon. This allows you plenty of time to soak up the sun and swim in the clear waters. This remote island paradise is a must visit while in Phuket. This top excursion stands out as a top attraction in Phuket,Thailand. Check out our schedule below to book a journey that makes the most of time on land and sea.

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