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Banana Beach’s Best & Epic Water Adventures

Tranquil Escape

Paradise Adventure

The salty air filled my lungs as I gazed at riotous coral reefs 20 feet below the crystal waters off Banana Beach. Schools of electric blue and yellow fish darted through the aquatic gardens as sea turtles lazily waved their flippers. As you are gliding weightlessly over this underwater paradise thanks to Banana Beach’s famed scuba diving sites. You can learn and enjoy the beautiful underwater life of the marina.

According to recent surveys, over 85% of tourists rank scuba diving and snorkeling as their top priorities when choosing a tropical destination. Fortunately, Banana Beach offers some of the most vibrant coral reefs in the Caribbean just offshore from the resort’s sandy beaches. Certified divers can join twice-daily scuba trips to documented sites like Staghorn Canyon Wall or the iconic Great Blue Hole.

Paradise @ Banana Beach

There will always be certified guide with you during all of your activities on Banana Beach Island. Banana Beach has some of the most guided tours on the island and its top priority is too make sure all of our customers are safe and having fun on their adventure on the island. And even newbie snorkelers can easily access Banana Beach’s house reef—teeming with technicolor fish,right from shore.

Paradise Living the Dream

While scuba remains the main attraction, Banana Beach diversifies water action with parasailing rides 400 feet in the air and thrill-rides aboard inflatable banana boats. Last year, the resort logged over 5,000 parasailing flights and the waiting list keeps growing!

After securing the harness and safety lines, adrenaline junkies get slowly hoisted hundreds of fleet aloft by the boat for panoramic views of the amazing the sunset and views of the emerald jungles and sapphire seas before eventually getting lowered back to the deck. to relax as someone in their family or friend group goes next. It is a awesome experience to enjoy the views and fun of parasailing all while

If parasailing seems too tame, take the family for a spin on Banana Beach’s bumpy banana boat rides. These giant, inflatable two-seater bananas get slowly towed behind a motorboat. Until the captain makes sharp turns to send the bananas bucking and sending riders flying. Nearly 60% of visitors report banana boating as the most fun water activity at the resort according to internal guest surveys.

And the inflatable tubes mean crashes and spills don’t ruin the fun! But makes it even more fun for everyone, and keeps you wanting more as the activities progress. This top activity gives sun, splash, and laughter as you can watch from shore as your friends and family experience the speed and fun. This is one ride to enjoy on your vacation at Banana Beach Koh Hey.

Snorkel in Paradise

Between Banana Beach’s vibrant coral reef diving, lofty parasailing adventures floating over the sea, and bouncing unpredictable banana boat rides, water lovers can fulfill their fantasies all in one slice of Caribbean paradise. The hardest part? Choosing which heart-pounding, adrenaline-soaked activity to try next!

But after surviving your first scuba dive hovering over the rainbow-colored reefs and schools of angelfish, you will know what tops my Banana Beach bucket list. Diving back for more underwater magic you can enjoy going on a 1-hour snorkeling adventure to get more of what the underwater realm has to offer.

So if you are looking for some of the best water activities to do in Phuket, here at Banana Beach we are waiting for you. Come and enjoy the fun with us at Koh Hey island. The fun awaits you on the sandy shores and hot sunny beach chairs. Book your trip with us and come and enjoy your vacation.