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Exploring Coral Reefs on Koh Hey

Tranquil Swimming

Immerse in Paradise

As you immerse in the culture of arriving in Thailand, be ready to enjoy the culture and beauty. Rising from the emerald Andaman Sea, the rugged slopes of Koh Hey island beckon the adventurous to a remote tropical island oasis promising snorkeling vibrant reefs, cliff jumping thrills, and serene nature escapes.

Located just 20 minutes by boat from Phuket, this uninhabited gem offers untouched bays and powder beaches with only two rustic beach bars serving visitors authentic Thai hospitality and iconic drinks. For a true off-the-grid paradise experience, add the iconic Banana Beach day trip to your vacation itinerary for you and your family to enjoy.

“Our family-run establishment provides back-to-basics island luxury focused on showcasing Koh Hey’s incredible underwater biodiversity,” which is our snorkeling adventure that is fit for all who are of age to carry the tanks and oxygen mask. Here at Banana Beach “We want our guests diving into jewel-toned waters to discover and appreciate why preserving these fragile habitats matters.” Here you can learn about the marina life and how we keep the coral life living and flourishing with beautiful colors and the sea creatures alive.

Immersing Koh Hey
Immersing Koh Hey

After a scenic cruise across Phang Nga Bay, you will arrive to find Banana Beach’s thatched-roof bar pouring tropical drinks as reggae playlists set the carefree vibe. As our friendly staff offers snorkel gear, paddle-boards, kayaks, and more for self-guided adventures for all to enjoy with the help of our staff. Most make a beeline for the beach entry where schools of fusiliers, parrotfish, and even baby reef sharks flutter just feet from shore. You can watch and see these beautiful oceanic creatures swim in the ocean before you take a dip with them in the marine life.

“These accessible house reefs prove ideal for first-timers to fall in love with sea life.” As you come here to our pristine beach you will experience an alien beauty and fragility up close that transforms visitors into ocean advocates.” which will help you learn about upkept marine life and how our coral is so bright and vibrant.

Hidden Gem Koh Hey
Hidden Gem Koh Hey

When hunger stirs, guests file back to Banana Beach’s open-air restaurant specializes in grilled seafood baskets and fiery Thai curries utilizing the freshest catches like snapper and barramundi. Hearty appetites order sizzling platters overflowing with coconut shrimp, spiced ribs, and veggie skewers. And don’t miss their signature dessert – banana crepes smothered in Nutella and whipped cream or even some amazing nice ice cream by Lady Coco desserts.

After filling bellies, many travelers like to hike jungle trails to the island’s rocky northern cliffs perfect for showing off courageous backflips into azure waters 30 feet below, or just simply sit and endure the vibrant sunshine and sea ocean breeze. Visitors like to do that or spring for package upgrades adding round-trip transportation via long tail boat for accessing Koh Hey’s even more remote eastern beaches and vibrant corals, while snorkeling or scuba diving the underwater sea.

Immerse in Koh Hey
Immerse in Koh Hey

Whether you envision testing overwater yoga poses, snapping turtle selfies in hidden lagoons, or simply relaxing with books under the swaying palms, Banana Beach provides the ultimate launching point for off-the-grid tropical adventures just a speedboat ride from Phuket proper.

“We want visitors appreciating Koh Hey’s raw beauty in ways inspiring lasting positive impact once home.” This amazing Banana Beach island is and will always be the ultimate vacation paradise for many. “This paradise will remain pristine for future generations when traveled responsibly.”

So add Banana Beach day trips to your Phuket itinerary for snorkeling radiant reefs and connecting to the island way of life! Quick paradise escapes await!