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Island in Phuket
Explore our Phuket Beach – Banana Beach.

At Banana Beach Phuket, our goal is to not only maintain its unique charm but to enhance it, while respecting the breathtaking beauty and delicate environment. This is why our structures prominently feature natural tropical materials, such as bamboo, and incorporate designs that harmoniously connect you to Koh Hey’s abundant wildlife.

Indulge in an unforgettable Phuket Beach escape, where you can partake in various activities in Phuket without compromising its pristine surroundings. Embark on a Phuket Island Tour and create cherished memories of your time exploring the wonders of this captivating destination.

Island in Phuket
Activity in Phuket.
Banana Beach is the best corner of Koh Hey (Coral Island) and one of the most beautiful attractions in Phuket. You won’t believe that it’s so close and holds so many fantastic Phuket activities. In fact, the speedboat ride from Chalong Pier is already an adventure.

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