Our Daily Program

Imagine spending a half-day indulged on the tropical islands on the shores of Koh Hey, one of Phuket’s most prized hidden gems. Our ultimate island excursion whisks you away to Banana Beach for a magical day filled with adventure, and discovery, with the backdrop of Phuket’s natural beauty. The journey begins as we speed across the crystal waters in a speedboat headed for the secluded beach island. Feel the refreshing air taking in views of Phuket fading into the distance. Upon arrival at the luxurious private beach, the fine white sands and swaying palms trees, and sounds of the hornbills in the distance. You can explore and enjoy the activities of snorkeling, parasailing, ziplining, and many more. Submerge yourself in an underwater world vibrant with colorful fish and corals. Enjoy this beautiful and quiet escape from the bustling city and relax on the shores of Banana Beach. With family & friends enjoy your vacation well spent with many memories to show look back on. This is one the most exclusive beaches you do not want to miss out on. If you are ready to enjoy the time of your life, book your day-trip below. We are waiting for you.