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Paradise Found on Koh Hey Island

If you’re looking for a superb beautiful tropical island escape, look no further than the stunning Banana Beach on Koh Hey island in Thailand’s Trang province. This gorgeous beach and the stretch of powdery white sand and swaying palm trees hugs the northeastern coast of the tiny island, this unspoiled paradise as this island welcomes you to its beautiful and serene presence, welcoming those who are seeking the ultimate tropical paradise escape.

Paradise Escape with sunshine

Serene Escape

Are you looking for one of the best beaches known to man to explore on your pristine vacation to Phuket,Thailand? Then look no further than the pristine and serene Banana Beach. Now what makes Banana Beach so special is its perfect combination of sun-soaked relaxation and endless opportunities for fun and outstanding aquatic adventures.

During the day, you can spend hours chilling out on the soft sandy beach before you decide to explore and extend to do some fun activities on the crystal clear water of Koh Hey. If you are looking to indulge in that classic beach bum lifestyle, then coming to Banana Beach is where you should be to enjoy a day of laziness or fun.

As you let the warm sea breeze wash over you as your sun glazed skin and wet hair from taking a dip in the water, as you chill on your beach towel  with a book or some much needed serene calming music. When are you in need a refreshing break from the bustle and hustle of the busy and loud city, come to Banana Beach. As you take a dip in the warm, gentle turquoise waters for that lap against the shore.

For even more blissful hours, find a patch of shade under the coconut trees that line the beach and listen to the waves lapping at the golden sand. But Banana Beach is much more than just a pretty place to catch some rays and take it easy. The real fun begins when you gear up to explore the island’s incredible marine playground right offshore.

The crystal clear waters offer some of the finest snorkeling in southern Thailand. Just a short swim from the beach, you’ll find vibrant coral gardens teeming with tropical fish in every shade of the rainbow. Keep your eyes peeled and you may also spot green turtles, reef sharks, and other larger marine creatures.

Serene fun on a paradise island

For the more adventurous souls, Banana Beach is also a top spot for sea kayaking and standup paddleboarding. Rent a kayak and paddle along the island’s rocky shores, checking out the craggy coves and caves and looking for the cheeky crab-eating monkeys that scamper across the karst cliffs.

You can even kayak over to nearby Koh Chuang for more snorkeling and beach time away from the modest crowd at Banana Beach. The calm, clear waters also make for excellent SUP conditions for beginners and experts alike as you glide across the tranquil surface.

As if that’s not enough, Banana Beach serves up magical scenery at both ends of the day that will impress even the most experienced island aficionados. Sunrise and sunset paint the sky with warm, brilliant hues of pink, purple, and orange, creating picture-perfect postcard views offset by the longtail fishing boats gently bobbing in the shallows.

The sunsets in particular are not to be missed, with crowds of beach-goers gathering on the sand to admire the fiery farewell to the day.

Serene Photo-op with friends

While most visitors decidedly to explore our island off-the-beaten-path up the mountain hillside for a better view from the viewpoint, Banana Beach does offer a few low-key resorts and bungalow operations nearby. As for those who want to post up for a few sun-drenched days away from the typical tourist trail.

These laid-back beachfront stays are the perfect embodiment of the chilled-out island vibe, that is outside of the island itself. These are also basic camping grounds for visitors who just want to relax and pitch a tent right on the beach and go full castaway for a while. And if you need a break from your beach blanket, you can take a hike through the island’s lush, jungly interior.

Whether you’re looking to totally unwind in a hammock and forget all your worries or experience an untamed island paradise by getting out on and in the waters, spending some quality time on Banana Beach is sure to create magical, lasting memories. Don’t be surprised if this amazing Thai island hideaway makes you never want to leave!