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Hidden Gem of Phuket

Just a short boat ride from Phuket’s shores lies stunning Koh Hey, an idyllic island that promises off-the-beaten path tropical adventures. Encircled by vibrant coral reefs teeming with exotic marine life, Koh Hey has rightfully earned its growing status as a top Thailand snorkeling and diving spot. It is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy Thailand beaches and marina life, from beautiful exotic fish to the white sandy beach and crystal clear waters.

Learn about the marine life and coral below your feet, explore the wildlife below your snorkeling adventure, enjoy the beautiful sunsets on your parasailing adventure and indulge in the thai buffet in the cafe and dining area. This beach is where you come to relax on your vacation. For family and friends, this serene piece of heaven in Thailand is waiting for you.

Hidden Gem Adventures
Hidden Gem Adventures

Yet the island harbors an even more spectacular secret – a secluded beach with talcum-soft sands and balmy turquoise waters dubbed Banana Beach nestled along its western coves.

Despite being one of Phuket’s most breathtaking beaches, Banana Beach remains surprisingly pristine and crowd-free, free for al visitors to come and enjoy swimming and nature. You can watch the beautiful HornBill birds

According to recent island tourism reports, it welcomes just 5,000 visitors annually compared to over 10 million at some of Phuket’s famous beaches. The reason is because it is away from the city and all of the noise. You can actually enjoy the sunny beach and the sunsets, also there is a lot of water activities like Banana Boat and Scuba Diving. Even for kids 4years or older can enjoy activities on the island.

For adventurous travelers who make the boat trip, Koh Hey’s Banana Beach offers a picturesque tropical oasis filled with possibilities for water sports fun in the sun. Its calm, shallow waters are perfect for first-time snorkelers and kayakers to spot colorful fish and coral without contending with crowds. The stunning reefs found in its boundaries also provide incredible scuba diving to discover moray eels, sea turtles and even small reef sharks.

Hidden Gem Koh Hey Beach
Hidden Gem Koh Hey Beach

Meanwhile, all of our thrill seekers flock to Banana Beach for parasailing adventures, scuba diving, and snorkeling adventures fit for all who are not afraid to be in the azure crystal clear waters. Come here to soak in soaring aerial views stretching to Phuket as a speedboat tows their parachute 600-1000 feet high.

Back ashore in the busy city nightlife and bustling downtown Phuket, beach bars serve cold drinks right alongside swaying palms as new friends are made.

So leave the congested shores behind and the bustling inner city of downtown Phuket to come and set a course towards your beach adventure paradise on Koh Hey’s Banana Beach.

It is considered one of Phuket’s best-kept secrets. With bookings every day and visitors from all over the world coming here to relax and do amazing water sports fit for all, Banana Beach Koh Hey is here to endure and let you traverse all things sunny and sandy.

With transport boats running daily to and from the island all day until sunset, this is your time to take the path less traveled towards turquoise waters, seaside excitement, and offshore reef treasures waiting to be discovered on this tropical island. This beautiful oasis gives our visitors the time to relax and enjoy the day away from the noise and the busy city life. A time to be happy and enjoy a nice massage and swim with the family.