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A Slice of Paradise on Thailand’s #1 Coast

As the longtail boat approaches the shore, and you sail into the turquoise waters glistening under the tropical sun. You will be fringed by an array of golden sand. This is what you came to Thailand for, to experience the beautiful beaches they have, far away from the coast. This is Banana Beach, a hidden gem nestled along the Andaman coast of Thailand. With its beckoning and unspoiled beauty and laid-back charm, this beach is one of the most pristine beaches for visitors to come to. For the beach nomads, it is love at first sight.

Coast of Banana Beach

On The Coast

Stepping onto the soft, powdery sand, on a gorgeous sunny day we were instantly embraced by the island’s tranquil ambiance. The welcoming staff is there to greet us once we arrive and get off of the boat. The swaying palm trees cast gentle shadows, and the gentle lapping of waves provided a soothing soundtrack to our arrival, making us even more excited to be on the private island away from the busy coastal area. As we approached the seating bungalow that we booked, we saw many more of the thatched-roof bungalows peeking out from the lush foliage, blending seamlessly into the natural surroundings. Letting us know how comfortable and relaxing this beach is.

Sitting on The Coast

The beach itself was a pristine stretch of crystal-clear waters that seemed to beckon us in for a refreshing dip. At first, we spent lazy afternoons lounging on our sarongs, soaking up the sun’s warmth and watching the gentle waves roll in. After a couple of hours, we decided to take on some of the beach’s amazing activities. We opted first for the parasailing, as we had never done parasailing before the views were nice and we were able to see the entire island and more.

Next, we did the Banana Boat as some people who were not very good swimmers were provided a different life vest, which was great as the guides knew where to drop us in the water so they not panic about swimming, etc. Then we opted for the sea walker which is an awesome experience even for those who cannot swim this is very simple and straight to the point of walking underwater and being able to breathe at the same time. The activities on the island are worth the visit. There is an array of things happening at this beach and it is a great one to visit from the busy city.

Coastal Parasailing
Coast Snorkeling

As evening approached, the beach transformed into a vibrant gathering place. Locals and travelers alike converged on the sand, creating a lively atmosphere filled with laughter, music, and the aroma of sizzling seafood from the beachside restaurants. After all of our activities, we decided to have lunch at the buffet and then a small dinner where we ordered all of our food from the menu, which was amazing.

If you want local Thai food and Western food in a beach setting, this is the beach to come to away from the bustling city life. We had also joined in on the revelry, savoring fresh-caught fish and sipping on icy cold Chang beers as the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with a kaleidoscope of colors, giving us the best view of the sunset and horizon.

Coast Deliciousness

One of our most memorable experiences was a trek through the island’s lush interior. We were excited about this hike, as we had not had a hike in Phuket in so long. Led by a local guide, we ventured into the verdant jungle, navigating narrow trails and crossing babbling streams. It was an amazing hike, that will for sure have you sweating in the hot sun of Phuket.

The air was thick with the scent of tropical flora, We even saw hornbill birds and some ducks along the trail where they sleep and eat in the nearby area. The canopy above provided a welcome respite from the sun’s intensity. Our efforts were rewarded with a breathtaking view from a hidden waterfall, where we cooled off in the refreshing mountain-fed pool.

Coast Trekking

As our time on Banana Beach drew to a close, we found ourselves reluctant to leave this slice of paradise behind. If you come to this beach you will fall in love with its peace and serenity. We had fallen under the island’s spell, captivated by its natural beauty, laid-back vibe, and the sense of freedom it offered. We truly did not want to leave this beautiful island, but as true beach nomads, we knew our wanderlust would inevitably lead us to new shores, new adventures, and new tales to add to our ever-growing collection.

Coastal Scenery

As we bid farewell to this tropical haven, we carried with us a renewed sense of appreciation for the beauty of Thailand’s coastal regions and the nomadic lifestyle that allows us to explore these hidden gems. This is a must-go-to travel beach that everyone must travel to while they are on vacation in Phuket, Thailand.

For us beach nomads, the journey never ends, and the next sun-drenched paradise is always just over the horizon.This is the number one pick for beaches if you want to experience many islands’ fun activities and explore the unreachable values of the hidden gems of Thailand. Book your tickets here online or simply find an agent to help you. But once you come to this island you will be back for more.