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A Day of Excitment and Fun on Koh Hey

Coast of Banana Beach

A Day of Adventure

As the longtail boat pulled up to the pristine shores of Banana Beach on the island of Koh Hey, you can’t help but feel like you are arriving at a little slice of paradise. A day here on this beach, you will feel at ease and have a sense of calmness over you. This secluded beach on the western side of the island is the definition of a tropical idyll soft white sand, turquoise waters gently lapping at the shore, and lush jungle-covered hills providing a dramatic backdrop. Let all visitors understand the beauty of what is to come when you are visiting our secluded and pristine beaches.

A Day on Koh Hey Island

Once you arrive at the beach you can simply get a beach chair and begin your journey on the beautiful beach. After settling in you can begin your day by jumping into the crystal clear shallow waters to cool off from the late morning sun. As you spread out your beach towel or sarong on the powdery-fine sand, you are ready to take on the sunny beach.

Despite being late May, the island was not overly crowded yet thanks to its remote location in the Andaman Sea. This is an amazing beach away from the busy city of Patong. A few other sun-worshippers lazed on the beach, but there was still an unmistakable sense of peace and tranquility.

As you complete some much-needed swimming, you can soon begin to get ready for lunch after you take a beach shower in the shower room. Luckily, if you had come prepared with a bountiful spread of treats from the night market on the mainland, holding you off take dips in the water and swim with family.

After your last activity or swimming you can then go and have lunch and the BB Cafe. This is a wonder of different cuisines for you to enjoy in the buffet, or you can simply order some Western or Thai cuisine for your liking if you are not interested in the buffet lunch. Chasing each bite with a swig of ice-cold Chang beer, smoothie or ice-cold juice you can savor the simplicity of the moment.

A Day with Us

Eventually, the warm tropical sun rays will wake you up from your shady patch under the beach umbrella for a dip in the turquoise waters. As you bob lazily on the gentle waves while kayaking doing your best impression of a Banana Beach bum. You will soon be ready for your next adventure on the turquoise waters with the Banana Boat, one of the most famous activities that everyone loves to do.

As you begin your descent on the banana boat, into the Andaman Sea you can see while looking back towards the sand that a few longtail boats have arrived, to unload more day-trippers to explore the cove. Bringing more fun to the secluded daytime beach adventure. However, even with a few more visitors, the beach did not feel crowded at all thanks to its generous size.

Refreshed from your time in the water, you decided to explore a bit further along the sandy shore. As you walk around the beach you will notice at the far end of the crescent beach, you will come across a small cliff that holds a large swing over it. Giving visitors the ultimate way to enjoy swinging off the cliff and enjoying the beautiful view of the entire beach.

Instantly besotted by the laidback island-living vibe, if you get hungry again you can sit on the battered wooden bench to snack on some spicy grilled prawns and sip on a fruity cocktail. while you enjoy the many beach goers who are soaking up the sun while playing or reading a book.

A Day spent in the ocean

As the sun began its descent in the late afternoon, I slowly made my way back along Banana Beach, trying to etch every little detail into my memory. From the rustling palms overhead to the sugary sand squishing between my toes, I wanted this beach day to remain forever vivid in my mind’s eye. Because as perfect beach days go, this one on Banana Beach was surely among the best.

When my longtail boat arrived to whisk me back to the mainland, I was dejected to leave this island paradise. But I took solace in the fact that while my day on Banana Beach had to end, I could always return for another respite from the real world on this perfect stretch of sand and sea.