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Spend a Blissful Day at Banana Beach

Coastal Restaurant

Coastal Paradise

If you are looking for the perfect coastal beach getaway, then Banana Beach has you covered. This idyllic stretch of the island offers everything you need for an unforgettable day by the ocean. For kids and adults, there is plenty for you to do, on this beautiful island. With its crystal clear waters, plush sandy shores, and an array of amenities and activities, Banana Beach is an ideal destination for visitors of all ages. Come and enjoy the pristine and sunny beach with us.

Coastal Views of Banana Beach

Start Your Morning Right

Begin your day by taking your pick-up van or motorbike to the local marina boat pick-up. And casually make your way to the exciting Banana Beach, Koh Hey. As you arrive on the island you can start by staking out the perfect spot on the beach. If you arrive early you can secure the best beach seats. Giving you the best views of the sunsets and crystal clear waters.

As the sun rises over the horizon, soak in the dazzling colors and breathe in the salty sea air. You can start your day off by taking small dips into the ocean water to cool off from the hot sun. If you bring your cozy beach blanket you can lay it out on the sand opt in for cabana VIP chairs, or just simply use our beach umbrella chairs along the coast. Do not forget to apply plenty of sunscreen as you bask in the sun on the tropical beach.

Fun in the Surf and Sand

Once you have settled in, it is time to dive into the action. The warm, gentle waves of Banana Beach provide the ideal conditions for swimmers of all skill levels. The beachfront is also great for kids to swim as well. Parents can watch and see from the shore or they can also take a dip in the ocean with their children, friends, and family. For the more adventurous types, you can try surfing, scuba diving, or clear kayaking. To do any of these activities you have to rent gear from the seaside outfitters or bring your own.

Coastal Sailing

If you prefer keeping your feet on dry land, Banana Beach has you covered there too. There are some dry land activities that many can enjoy. Sign up for a beach volleyball, play a casual round of ziplining, or even escape for a zipline course, or even take a high swing on the Banana Swing on the cliff. These are all things that kids can do as well. Or you can just sit back and enjoy playing and building sand castles with your kids.

Coastal Beauty

Fuel Up at the Cabanas

Working up an appetite is inevitable after a morning of ocean fun. As everyone starts to get hungry from all of the swimming and beach activities. You can then head over to the Banana Beach buffet and enjoy some cuisine. From fresh seafood to fried rice. If that doesn’t do you can head to the other side of the restaurant to order from our infamous menu. The menu consists of more Western-style food from, classic burgers, to Italian pasta. There is something to satisfy every craving, there is even a kids’ menu for our little picky eaters.

Many of the cabanas offer refreshing cocktails as well. An ice-cold pina colada or ice-cold corona goes perfectly with the laid-back beach vibes. We even have ice-cold smoothies and juice for those who do not like to sip on alcoholic drinks. If you prefer an afternoon picnic, pick up takeout from the cafes and restaurants surrounding the beach. And go back to your seating area underneath your umbrella and relax with friends and family. Do not forget to snap some much-needed photos to remember your awesome day. Continue taking in the spectacular coastal ocean views.

Coastal Restaurant

Afternoon R&R

After refueling at lunch, it is time to kick back and truly relax. After lunch, the afternoon hours are perfect for reading or just simply basking underneath the sun before it sets. Get lost in the smooth sounds of the music as you dance away. Relax as you listen to the soothing sounds of the crashing waves. Or dance the day away as the sun begins to set right in front of you.

Evening Celebration

As the sun begins its descent over the sparkling coastal water, Banana Beach starts to come alive for the evening. Live music and bustling happy hours fill the restaurants and beach bars. You can either grab a cocktail or take one of our scheduled boats back to the dock in Chalong to end your journey.

Whether you choose to spend the evening shooting amateur photography of the breathtaking sunsets. Or walking along the coastal shoreline hand in hand with your partner. Dancing to the island beats under a canopy of twinkling stars, or even doing some last-minute activities, Banana Beach is pure magic at night.

When the moon is high and you are finally ready to call it a day. You can leave Banana Beach and the sun-kissed and soul-refreshed beach, already dreaming about your next oceanside escape.

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